1. What is ShareMy3D?

ShareMy3D is an online platform for viewing 3D files.

We enable users to communicate 3D information without the heavy software requirements.

Typical uses for ShareMy3D include:

  1. Who can use ShareMy3D?

ShareMy3D was developed for professional users but everyone is welcome! The viewer is equipped with a suite of professional functions including measurement and cross section tools and a range of light adjustment settings.

  1. How does it work?

ShareMy3D uses WebGL technology to enable 3D visualization in a web browser. Our secret sauce is a breakthrough compression algorithm that enables the user to quickly and seamlessly experience 3D online.

The process for using ShareMy3D parallels that of YouTube:

  1. Visit our website: www.sharemy3d.com

  2. Create a Login here

  3. Upload a 3D file

  4. Receive a unique and private link (URL) to your 3D file.

  5. View the 3D file in a web browser using your link!

Similar to YouTube, you can embed your link in social media, on a web page or email the link to contacts.

  1. What are the different tools in the ShareMy3D viewer?

ShareMy3D has a suite of professional level functions including:

  1. What does it cost?

We are an enterprise platform, free from external advertising and we never re-sell user data.

This means in order for us to make money, we need to charge users for the ShareMy3D service.

Our basic (free!) offering includes 100 models where each model can be up to 100MB.

Beyond our basic service, you pay to use ShareMy3D by choosing a monthly payment plan that suites your needs.

  1. How do I share a 3D image?

When you upload a file at www.sharemy3d.com you receive a private and unique link.

This link allows you to view your 3D image in almost any web browser (see browser requirements below).

To share your 3D image, simply share the link! You can email it, embed it in a web page or post it in social media. You can share your 3D image anywhere you can access the internet!

Need to keep your data confidential? We support that too. At ShareMy3D the user retains full control of the data. Some users upload confidential files for their own individual use, by not sharing your link, you maintain the privacy of your files. See our security overview for further details on the security of our platform.

  1. What happens to my data when I upload a file at ShareMy3D?

When a user uploads a file they receive a private & unique link to view their 3D file. No one else can view the file without this specific link.

ShareMy3D stores your file on the most secure cloud servers (see our security overview below) and we save your file in a proprietary (secret) file format.


  1. Can I be confident my 3D files won't be shared without my permission?

ShareMy3D does not have a public gallery of user generated content, we do not post or sell user data! Content uploaded by a user stays within the full control of the user.

Furthermore, ShareMy3D files are not downloadable unless the users sets their personal settings to active a file as downloadable.

  1. Is storing my data in the cloud safe?

ShareMy3D uses a leading cloud service provider, compliant with ISO Standards for Information Management Security (specifically ISO/IEC 27001).

More specifically, the cloud servers utilize a platform of security mechanisms, including:

  1. Overall, how secure is ShareMy3D?

At ShareMy3D, your files are defaulted to be private and not downloadable. In addition to having full control of your data, you may also add password protection to every file. When you apply a password, someone would need access to both the unique link and know the password in order to view your 3D files.

Further, your data is stored on one of the world’s most secure cloud servers (see above) and is saved in our proprietary (secret) file format.

At ShareMy3D, we have designed our infrastructure to ensure it is practically infeasible for your data to be hacked.

  1. Can I sell my 3D models online at ShareMy3D

No. We are not a 3D Marketplace. Quite simply, we are a 3D visualization software company.

  1. What size of files can I upload?

ShareMy3D supports files up to 5GB, this is 10 times more than our closest online competitor!

Whether the files you upload are small or large, ShareMy3D delivers an amazingly fast and high quality 3D visualization experience.

  1. How many files can I upload?

Under our basic offering (it’s free!), you can upload up to 100 files (each file <100MB).

Beyond that, you pay to upload a larger number of files by selecting a payment plan.

There is no maximum number of files that you can upload, however we suggest that users with a high volume of files integrate the ShareMy3D API with their system to simplify the process.

If you are a business looking to have access to upload an unlimited number of files, please contact mail@sharemy3d.com directly to discuss your business needs.

  1. How do I delete my files?

That’s easy. You control your content on ShareMy3D at all times. If you want to remove a file, simply login to www.sharemy3d.com and find the 3D file you would like to delete in your gallery.

In the top right hand corner of the thumbnail image you will see the icon for Settings.

Choose Delete from the Settings Menu and then confirm by clicking Delete in the pop-up menu.

  1. What devices can I use ShareMy3D on?

ShareMy3D can be used on any device with a web browser: PC/laptop, tablet or mobile phone!

  1. Which file types does ShareMy3D support?

We currently support 38 different polygon mesh file formats. You can find a complete list here.

The most commonly used files tend to be: OBJ, STL, 3DS and PLY

ShareMy3D does not currently support Point Cloud files.

  1. Which browsers do you support?

ShareMy3D uses HTML5 web standards including WebGL. This technology is compatible with the following browsers:

  1. I keep getting an error message when I upload my files

Double check the file format you have uploaded is one of the formats ShareMy3D supports. We currently support 38 different polygon mesh file formats. You can find a complete list here. ShareMy3D does not currently support Point Cloud files.