All ShareMy3D users received the same amazing platform with professional level features

Uploading of HQ models

Upload high quality 3D models to our cloud with a few clicks. We support a large range of 3D formats: STL, PLY, 3DS, OBJ, LWO, DXF and more. See a complete list here.

3D viewer

You can quickly view your models in high quality using only a standard web browser. Try it on any platform including: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and more...


With our built-in 3D editor you can change background, materials on your model, shininess, colors, textures, wireframe, transparency, shading, face rendering, measurement, light and more.


Share your model on your own web page. Revolutionize your web page with interactive 3D content! ShareMy3D includes an embedding code generator that allows you to embed the model on your web page.

Downloadable models

Choose whether or not your models can be downloadable. This allows the public to download your 3D model in high resolution. They can view the model using their favourite 3D software or even 3D print it!


With ShareMy3D it is easy to share your models on social media. Connect your 3D models with Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.


Track your views using our statistics. Chart views for individual models or groups of models on a graph with immediately updates.


Based on the IP-address of the viewers, we provide a zoomable world map that allows you to see where your audience is located.

Password protection

Only want selected individuals to view or download your 3D models? Now you can password protect any of your models.


ShareMy3D is offering a API where you can integrate our solution into your product or web page. Read the API documentation here.

More tools

ShareMy3D has tools for accurately measuring distance and cross-section, change your background color, light settings, create snapshot images, turn model texture on/off and more...